About - Exploring the North Coast

There are degrees of exploring the North Coast. 
We have run into people who are on a three week trip out of Seattle to Glacier Bay, Alaska. Running twelve hours a day just to get there and back, they seemed frazzled and unhappy. Asked what they had seen so far they replied "Glacier Bay!... except it was kind of foggy the day we were there." Asked where they were going next they said "we have to make 160 miles tomorrow, so wherever that is."

We met another fellow who had spent the winter on his boat, frozen into a fjord in Alaska. When we asked him where he was off to next he said he wasn't sure and really hadn't thought about it much.

These are two diametrically opposed concepts of what it is to experience the north coast. There are thousands of places to see here, and the possibility of seeing all of those places in all of their seasons and moods is quite beyond the scope of one human lifetime.


When we first set out in 1994 we agreed that we would look at everything we could as we gradually worked our way north over the years. It took us five years to have a good look in and out of the inlets, fjords and islands of northern BC before we ever got to the Alaska border. We have been to the butt ends of most of the inlets between Cape Caution and Cape Fox and have hiked up innumerable river valleys at their ends.