About - Bears

Dealing with bears:
Wandering around in bear country with Joey and Edgar is kind of like walking into a bar in the "rough part of town" with a couple of buddies who insist on running over to the locals and slapping them upside the head while announcing  "HEY, see those guys over there, they're with us."


Being true to their terrier blood, they will chase anything that remotely resembles a rat, no matter how big it is. (Black or brown and furry are apparently their only cues)  When we are traveling ashore with these guys in bear country, they are on a long lead and are wearing trolling bells to warn the wildlife.  In numerous encounters thus far, the racket of bells and barks has alerted the bears to our presence and they have always watched us curiously, from a discreet distance.



If we are hiking up river valleys during the salmon spawn or wandering on river estuaries early in the season when the grizzlies are grazing,  I usually carry an old 12 gauge pump shotgun.  We also each carry a very loud freon 'boat horn' to help resolve any confrontations.
The porcupine waddled off indignantly. Eddie (above) wasn't very happy but old Joey was in really bad shape. Dozens of quills driven through his tongue and lips, some right through the roof of his mouth with the points protruding from his face and nose. He was very lucky that his eyes escaped. We were two days travel from anywhere so there was nothing for it but to pin him down on the aft deck and pull them all with pliers. It was a real blood-bath. One good squirt for each quill.


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